Energy transition regulation and governance

This action axis aims at studying the social and cultural aspects related to the design and execution of the regulations, as well as the energy transition public policies which also involve the remediation of the damages caused by the existent regime.

  • From problems to opportunities: renewable energy articulation as an industrial policy in Chile. This thematic focus seeks to study the relationship between strategic sectors and the development of regulatory policies of the NCRE in Chile.

  • Socio-technical devices for the transition: the case of the air decontamination plan and the use of firewood.  This thematic focus intends to investigate the relationships between new monitoring technologies, regulations and socio-technical changes in the domestic and working spaces which are associated with the energy transition, and the coal energy regime.

  • New instruments and means of repairing the environmental and social damage caused by the current energy model. This thematic axis is based on principles of citizen science and low-cost environmental technologies. It seeks to explore and propose alternative procedures for the identification and remediation of environmental damage associated with the generation and use of energy in productive areas.