Energy transitions and technological change.

This axis is focused on studying the social and cultural aspects related to the development and implementation of technologies that are associated with non-conventional renewable energies. We are interested in approaching alternative forms of energy generation, the relationship between NCRE and other sustainable transition processes.

  • Energy transitions and agro-ecological systems.  This thematic focus addresses potential synergies between NCREs and the development of new agro-ecological systems, which are based on the convergence of scientific knowledge and peasant movements.

  • NCRE and community energy. This thematic area focuses on studying the various challenges and learning outcomes that the testing experiences and social experiments on community energy can provide.

  • Distributed solar generation: new business models and socio-economic dynamics for the transition. In this thematic focus we intend to study potential socio-technical organization forms that are associated with distributed solar energy. It seeks to propose alternative business models which aim at developing distributed solar generation forms.