Interdisciplinary interventions

Our work at NUMIES aims at developing new forms of knowledge and reflection that are related to the transition. We are based on the use of participatory methodologies, projective formats and the articulation of interdisciplinary knowledge ways.

  • Repository of practices, knowledge and technologies for the transition.  The database and repository of practices, knowledge and technologies for the transition seek to raise, problematize and disseminate practices, knowledge and local technologies, which are the supporting innovations to strengthen the transition toward low environmental impact energy regimes.

  • Exhibition on politics, ecology and participation in the energy transition framework. This curatorial project aims at reflecting about the meaning of “participation” at times of profound socio-ecological transformations. We understand participation as a material process which is always uncertain, positioned and multiple; thus, our goal is working with architects and designers to transform the experiences of the “Database of practices, knowledge and technologies for the transition” in artistic installations, graphic pieces and architectural projects that can be exposed to the public.