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Interdisciplinary interventions


Interdisciplinary interventions Our work at NUMIES aims at developing new forms of knowledge and reflection that are related to the transition. We are based on the use of participatory methodologies, projective formats and the articulation of interdisciplinary knowledge ways. Repository of practices, knowledge and technologies for the transition.  The database and [...]

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Energy transitions and technological change


Energy transitions and technological change. This axis is focused on studying the social and cultural aspects related to the development and implementation of technologies that are associated with non-conventional renewable energies. We are interested in approaching alternative forms of energy generation, the relationship between NCRE and other sustainable transition processes. Energy [...]

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Energy transition regulation and governance


Energy transition regulation and governance This action axis aims at studying the social and cultural aspects related to the design and execution of the regulations, as well as the energy transition public policies which also involve the remediation of the damages caused by the existent regime. From problems to opportunities: renewable [...]

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Transition policies and conflicts


Transition policies and conflicts This axis aims at addressing the political and citizen participation challenges related to energy transitions by paying particular attention to the new types of conflicts that arise at the intersection between energy, territory and communities. NCRE and energy vulnerability: The growing adoption of NCRE implies not only [...]

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